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4 Strategies for Consistent Marketing in your Business During Wedding Season

The busier season is almost upon us and it's my job as your wedding industry cheerleader to ensure you're prepared and prepped for a seamless operation. I know you know that it's mega important to keep promoting your business even during busier periods and in todays blog post I'm going to show you some simple strategies that'll keep your marketing consistent during peak season.

Design a Marketing Strategy you can Rinse and Repeat within your Wedding Business

Planning your marketing strategy in advance means you're not scrambling for ideas at the last minute, you always know where you are at in your marketing calendar and you take your prospects on a journey that takes them from look to book rather than posting with no strategy and hoping it sticks.

Plus it saves you time in the long run by streamlining your process and keeping your focus on the activities that are important. Use a content planner or a social media planner to get to grips with planning out a longer term strategy for your wedding business.

Working in the wedding industry, you'll know that the devil is in the detail and its no different when it comes to your marketing efforts. A content calendar and marketing strategy enables you to have a higher level of organisation and allows you to see what's working and resonating with your audience....and what's not.

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Create Content Quickly - by using Templates

Creating posts and marketing content can be a lengthy and tedious task, especially during peak wedding season when your to-do list is already crammed full. You don't have to be creating everything from scratch - there's plenty of templates to help with this!

Canva has many stunning templates you can edit and use, just find something that's easy to edit and rebrand with your own colours and fonts.

Using content templates for your posts, email marketing, captions and blogs will give your business a jumpstart on content creation and ensure you are creating content that resonates with your audience.

You could also join Content Club for high quality content made specifically for the wedding industry, delivered to you each and every month. Not only does it provide you with all of your social media posts with editable templates saving you time on your content creation, we've also written all of the captions for you - saving you hours and hours wondering what to write. Plus to keep the website and SEO algorithms happy we supply you with a choice of blog posts for you to upload to your website and give you Reels prompts, audio and captions too for any video content you'd like to make. Just leaving you to schedule it and sit back and concentrate on wedding season!

Being part of the wedding industry, it's important for you to use story telling content to inspire and captivate your audiences attention. People connect emotionally with stories and when you are able to do this you become a sought out professional your couple wants to work with! Share the stories of what goes on in your business, from meeting other suppliers to catching up with couples, your personal journey starting your business and any obstacles you've overcome and share stories about working with favourite couples too. Sharing content like this will resonate hugely with your audience and create a personal connection with your followers too.

You are able to share these in your stories too. Your audience will LOVE them and it'll keep them coming back for more. You can create a few stories and download them to your phone in advance to post at a time when you are more busy or reshare past stories from your Instagram archive too.

Repurpose Past Content

This brings us on to our next tip - repurposing your content. With so many events to plan and prep for, creating original marketing content for your business can just seem like another thing to do on your already huge to-do list.

Whilst, I hope the tips in this post are helpful, I also want you to realise that there's more to running a business than being glued to your phone coming up with content for your business. Release some of the pressure and repurpose some of your past content.

Not everything needs to be original! Reusing content not only saves you time but also reinforces your marketing message. If you have a blog post or social media post that performed well in the past , update it slightly and share it again! Chances are not all of your followers saw it the first time you posted, and even if they did they may not have been ready to take action. Sharing it again is a great reminder you are still around and of what you have to offer them.

By spending time creating evergreen content - content that can be used again and again such as answering FAQs or a timely blog post rather than following trends, you can save so much time and still be providing value. It's a smart way to stay on top of your marketing whilst focusing on other areas of your business and your clients.

Repurposing your content doesn't just mean copying and pasting. Although there will be some things you'll be able to go ahead and do that with - any old Instagram posts from over a year ago for example! Here's just a few ideas of how you can update any of your past content and repurpose it during your peak season.

  1. Update old blog posts and reshare. If you have an old blog post that's performed well in the past, update the information and images and share it again. Perhaps giving a new perspective or different take on the subject.

  2. Turn blog posts into social media content. When you are stretched for time - turn your past blog posts into carousels or social media posts.

  3. Turn social media posts into blog posts. If you've had a social post thats performed well and theres room for you to dive deeper into the subject, expand slightly and turn it into a blog post, scheduling it for a time when you'd be busy.

  4. Create a podcast or a video from existing content. You can use old blog posts or past video content for the subject matter and just repurpose it in another way. If you've gone live, strip the audio from the video and turn it into a podcast.

Automate as Much as You Can

Embrace a scheduling tool and easily schedule your posts, stories, and videos across your social media. We personally use Business Suite but there's so many schedulers out there now you can use.

When posting your marketing content, scheduling your content ensures you never forget what to post. No matter how much you prepare, when you are busy these things are easy to forget. There will always be distractions or last minute emergencies that come up and posting to your social media or blog will naturally fall down the list of priorities.

By using a social media scheduler you can plan your content for weeks or months ahead meaning you'll have more time and energy for doing the things you love - designing and executing stunning weddings.

By planning in advance you can create flow with your marketing strategy, ensure that everything stays aligned and ensure your schedule is regular too - a huge tick for the social media algorithms. You can also ensure everything stays on brand, is aligned and takes your followers on a journey to encourage them to engage with you and book your services.

Plus by spacing out your posts thoughtfully, you can leave room for posting on the go when you get the galleries back from a recent wedding too.

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Ready to Stay Consistent and Market Your Wedding Business with Purpose?

Staying consistent is vital for your wedding business success, especially during busier seasons. By developing a strategy, like the one we teach you inside Content Club , using templates, repurposing your past content and automating as much as you can, you can maintain your wedding business visibility without sacrificing the quality of your work.

Your marketing is a future investment into your business. It shouldn't stop just because you are busy right now....even though it can be hard! Keep connected, showing up and in your future customers minds and you'll reap the rewards for years to come!

Marketing Your Business is Just One Piece of The Puzzle

If you know you need to stay consistent and want some expert guidance on building a sustainable and profitable wedding business that truly stands out - I invite you to check out our WedPro CEO Programme. Inside this programme, we'll personally come up with a plan to reach your business goals, increase your business visibility and teach you everything we know about sales, marketing, your clients, managing money, business mindset and branding leaving you with a stand out wedding business brand. Each month you'll be invited to 2 coaching sessions moving you forward, giving you clarity and showing you what to focus on first in order to reach your next milestone.

Plus we'll show you what you need to do at each income level of your business in order to reach the next one all the way from 0-6 figures and beyond. You'll also be able to have our eyes on your content, copy, website and processes inside of your business ensuring that everything's working to maximum level. Plus we allow you to book as many 1:1 calls as you'd like and submit as many questions for no extra cost! Hop on the waitlist for more information about this when doors open.

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