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6 Things All Successful Wedding Business Owners Are Doing

From wedding planners to photographers, caterers to florists, the world of wedding entrepreneurship is a bustling industry filled with passionate individuals. However, success in this field requires more than just talent and creativity. In this article, we will uncover the six essential things that all successful wedding business owners need to know. Whether you're just starting out or looking to take your business to new heights, these insights will guide you towards building a thriving enterprise and creating unforgettable moments for couples on their special day.

Showing Up

In today's digital world, showing up is crucial for businesses aiming to make an impact. It's not about constant presence on every social media platform or being available at all times. Instead, strategically plan your online presence and leverage tools.

For example, if you run a wedding business podcast or blog, scheduling your posts in advance can work wonders. We hit six figures in the first 12 months of our bridal shop by strictly following a social media schedule. We focused on Facebook back then, posting three times a day, engaging our audience without overwhelming them.

In addition to social media, we maintained an active blog and provided valuable advice in wedding groups. Consistently showing up and offering value established us as an industry authority and built a loyal customer base.

Major brands also heavily invest in advertising to stay top of mind. They use posters, TV/radio ads, and social media campaigns to remind consumers of their products.

But showing up doesn't mean being physically present all the time. Utilise scheduling platforms, develop a social media plan, and periodically assess your progress. Stay adaptable to industry trends, changes in algorithms, and consumer preferences.

Plan content by post type rather than specific days. Focus on educational or promotional posts for a month to streamline content creation. Consistency is key in the digital world. Embrace tools, stay informed, and show up consistently to propel your business to new heights.

Being Mindful of Your Finances

Understanding and managing your finances is crucial for success as an individual or business owner. Let's explore the significance of financial awareness and its impact on your well-being.

In our daily lives, we're often engrossed in financial matters, constantly checking banking apps and scrutinising expenses. Adopting a money-saving mindset helps minimise the need for additional funds and maximises the value of every pound saved.

Negotiating better deals with suppliers and eliminating unused services can lead to significant savings. Track your cash flow, incoming deposits, and outstanding payments. Monitor your expenses and ensure your bank account covers them.

Remember, profit, not just revenue, sustains your business. Allocate earnings to separate accounts for taxes and operational expenses. Engage with your financial figures regularly, even if you have a financial professional. Familiarise yourself with the financial aspects and take charge of your well-being.

The Power of Follow-Up

Successful entrepreneurs and professionals earning six figures or more understand the importance of implementing a strong follow-up system. Let's explore this practice in detail.

When engaging with potential clients, always follow up if they don't respond initially. A "no" now doesn't mean a permanent rejection. Successful entrepreneurs follow up multiple times, even after months, to reopen the conversation and make a sale.

Successful entrepreneurs have well-defined systems in place for following up, often reaching out two or three times before closing the lead. Even after a few months, it's worth checking in again. A simple message like, "Hey, I wanted to see how your wedding planning is going," can reopen the conversation and present an opportunity to make a sale. In our case, we maintain a list of everyone we've had conversations with, noting their stage in the buying journey. Some may still be in the research phase, while others may need to explore other options before circling back to us. Regardless, following up is essential.

Maintain a list of contacts, noting their stage in the buying journey. Some may still be researching, while others may need time before deciding. Following up is essential.

A simple follow-up message can reignite interest. Forgetting to respond is common, and clients may appreciate the reminder. Persistence pays off, as even after multiple ghostings, a client may finally book.

Now, I understand that following up nine times may feel excessive to some, and it might not align with your comfort level. Our rule of thumb is to gauge follow-ups based on when we start feeling slightly uncomfortable, as if we're pushing too hard.

Some individuals may completely ignore you, and it's crucial to recognise that. We've encountered cases where people express strong interest, request more information and an invoice, and then suddenly go silent. In such situations, we typically follow up three or four times. We may even opt to call or send a text message, apologising for the missed connection and expressing our excitement about working together. It's perfectly acceptable to convey your genuine desire to work with them on their wedding.

Remember, follow-ups don't have to induce anxiety or feel overly salesy. A simple message like, "Hey, I know you're busy. Just wanted to check if you received my last email," is sufficient. You can even automate this process to enhance efficiency.

So, keep in mind that having a reliable follow-up system in place is crucial for maximising your opportunities and converting potential clients into actual customers. Don't hesitate to reach out and reconnect—it might be the key to unlocking success in your wedding business.

The Importance of Continuous Learning

Successful entrepreneurs understand that learning is not a one-time event; it's an ongoing process. They don't rest on their laurels once they feel they've mastered their craft. In the dynamic world of the wedding industry, trends, technology, marketing strategies, and consumer behaviour are in constant flux. While certain fundamental principles remain consistent, failing to stay updated and adapt can leave you lagging behind.

That's why the most accomplished business owners consistently seek to expand their knowledge and skills to enhance their businesses. They understand the value of staying ahead of the curve. Many work with coaches who can help address gaps in their expertise or strategise business growth. These coaches provide guidance, help clarify vision, develop roadmaps, and ensure effective business structuring. These business recognise the importance of investing in their businesses, whether through hiring coaches, purchasing relevant books, listening to podcasts, or pursuing other educational resources.

Remember, education is not a one-time event but a lifelong journey. Embrace the power of continuous learning, and watch as it propels you towards personal and professional fulfilment.

The Power of Mindset

If you aspire to reach six figures or beyond in your business, it's essential to commit to becoming the person you need to be in order to achieve that level of success. Start embodying the mindset of a successful business owner even before you reach that point. We often ask ourselves, "What would a six-figure business owner do?" when faced with difficult decisions. It helps guide us in finding the right path.

Building and growing a business requires more effort than what you're currently doing. That's a fact. However, the burden doesn't have to fall solely on your shoulders. Outsourcing and delegation are effective strategies. In our Web Pro CEO program, we provide a roadmap that guides our coaching students through each stage of their business, from the beginning to reaching six figures. It's important to invest in yourself and your business, whether it's through coaching, purchasing educational resources, or seeking advice from those who have achieved the level of success you desire.

Successful businesses are built on consistency. As Stephen Bartley once said, "95% consistency, 5% strategy." It's about consistently showing up, putting in the work, and maintaining a positive mindset. Success doesn't happen overnight, but by taking small steps consistently, you'll reach your bigger goals. If you have the hunger for growth, the willingness to learn, and the willingness to expand yourself, you will succeed. Don't make excuses or limit yourself. You have the ability to achieve anything you want by taking the necessary actions.

It's important to remember that you're not in competition with others. Focus on your own journey and stay in your lane. Everyone's circumstances, costs, and businesses are different. Avoid comparing yourself to others and instead track your own progress. Successful individuals stay focused on their goals, where they're heading, and where they've come from. It's about redefining your focus and knowing exactly where you're headed.

Lastly, success doesn't come without effort. You need to put in the work. It doesn't have to be a 24/7 endeavour, but consistent effort is crucial. Success won't come to you; you have to actively pursue it. Remember, your mindset is a powerful tool that can transform your life. By embracing the mindset of a successful business owner and putting in the necessary work, you can achieve the level of success you desire.

Avoid Reactivity and Stay Consistent

Successful entrepreneurs ask themselves, "What would a six-figure business owner do?" This question removes emotions and focuses on finding solutions. Analysing data helps avoid reactive behaviour and enables informed decision-making.

Consistently analysing business data reveals patterns and allows proactive planning. For example, if March is usually slow, prepare in advance with strategies to mitigate the impact. Consistency builds trust, so stick with strategies long enough to see results and make data-driven decisions.

Successful business owners understand the importance of consistency and staying the course. It's a mistake I've made in the past—trying different approaches too quickly without giving them enough time to yield results. It's crucial to stick with a strategy long enough to see it through and make informed decisions based on data and experience. Consistency breeds familiarity and builds trust among your audience, leading to long-term success.

Consistency extends to activities and habits. Successful individuals follow a clear plan, seek support, and adjust when needed. Reactivity hinders progress, while proactivity and consistency lead to success.

Investing in coaching or support yields long-term benefits. Addressing sales process gaps, increasing visibility, and improving marketing attract more clients. The investment is worth it.

Reactivity not only takes a toll on your mental well-being but also hinders progress. It leads to a constant state of panic and feelings of failure. In contrast, success stems from sticking with strategies, staying consistent, and embracing a proactive mindset. It's essential to understand that results won't happen overnight. Building a successful business requires time, patience, and perseverance.


In conclusion, achieving success in the business world requires consistent online presence, effective financial management, a strong follow-up system, continuous learning, and the right mindset. By showing up strategically in the digital space, managing finances wisely, following up persistently, seeking knowledge, and adopting a proactive approach, entrepreneurs can pave the way for long-term success.


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