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Why you need an email marketing list as a Wedding Business

If anything else the past few years has taught us that the ability to diversify in your business is what's going to see you stand the test of time.

A quality email list is an amazing asset and means more people know you, like you and trust you and by the time they are ready to book your service and buy from you for their wedding - it's easier to sell to them.

A qualified list of people who have joined your world because they love what you do but they may not be ready to buy just yet. How many times have you been at a wedding fair speaking to a client who loves what you do but just isn't quite ready to book your services yet? Perhaps they haven't got the budget or even booked their venue yet…..this is where email marketing comes in - you can stay front and centre and in mind with that couple when the time comes that they are ready to book you.

Here's some reasons you should bother with building an email list as a wedding business

  1. You get to speak to your couples in a more intimate way - when you post on social media it's on mass, Pinterest even when you write a blog it's for more than one pair of eyes. When a customer shares their email address with you - it's a more private space - and it's less noisy too. You can speak to them directly and it builds rapid, know like and trust. Plus cut out the noise fighting algorithms even trying to get your content and offers seen.

  2. You can nurture your list into qualified clients - unlike many other marketing available, email marketing allows you to nurture those couples into raving fans and qualified buyers. When you use it to create connection points like answering their questions, helping them make decisions and sharing more about you - in a fun way - you're going to be twice as likely to book that client.

  3. It builds CRAZY know like and trust factor incredibly quickly - through a well designed nurture sequence (a set of emails designed to convert) you'll be leaps above others and have couples desperate to work with you!

Can you start to see how email marketing is a SUPER effective way to land more sales in your wedding industry business? We thought so!

1. Social media is unpredictable. You don't own your account, it can be closed at any time without warning. Also the platform can go down down at any time. Having a list means you are protecting your business and you can start again if you lose a social media account or you can reach the right people with the right message if your reach on social media is small

2. Not everyone sees your posts on social media so they can easily miss offers and news. Did you know on average only 2-4% of your following will see your posts organically as a starting point. Yes, there’s things you can do to improve that. But conversions via email are way, way more likely to convert - these people have invited you into their personal inbox

3. Your messages can go straight to your customers' inbox at the time you specify rather than waiting for social media to notify them and you cut out a lot of competition too and noise too.

4. You can send regular updates and newsletters to build relationships and credibility with your subscribers and help them get to know you and your business (people buy from people)

5. If you keep in touch you will stay top of mind so when they are ready to buy, they will buy from you! You’ll have a relationship with that client, you’ll have shared some of your personality, you’ll have built some trust and authority too.

Now we are in Feb we have opened our waitlist to join our complete build

Email Marketing Funnel for Wedding Pros.

We only work with 5 wedding pros on this at any one time. Last year when we opened up spaces we sold out in 3 hours……

If you want to sign up to hear more for when it lands in February:

It's designed to fully set up and deliver an email sequence that takes your

clients from look to book plus all of the landing pages, building of the funnel, hooking it up, all of the copy and automation done for you!

Leaving you free to concentrate on delivering a WOW client experience whilst we concentrate on building you a monetised email funnel that nurtures new leads on autopilot in your business.

If you want to sign up to hear FIRST when it lands in February Click here to join the waitlist and we'll give you first dibs to work with us.

One of our wedding planning clients last year booked 3 weddings using the nurture sequence we built within a few weeks of it being live. She tells us she loved that we created something that sounded just like her and it's worked incredibly well for her wedding planning business.

And a wedding photographer we built a sequence for is constantly booking prospects from wedding fairs on autopilot using our sequence. He told us in November he's converted at least 20 bookings since we worked with him. 20 bookings…… is amazing! How much would that be worth to your business?

And we know it works because we have an email open rate of 60-70% a high click through rate and our monetised list made £6,000 in one email using the same formula!

Ps - Have you checked out our new website yet? We've been busy behind the scenes - - there's a few new things on there we know you'll love!

"I had an email list but wasn't utilising it at all and for a while knew I wanted to change that. Katie and Roxy's offer came at the perfect time allowing me to concentrate on other areas of the business - they built the whole thing with so much time and dedication, creating something that sounds exactly like me! answering all of my questions every step of the way!" - Sarah

"They give you so much support from start to finish and even after. I highly recommend working with them" - Simon

"Katie and Roxy have helped me grow an email list, send newsletters and the sequence they built converts and warms up new clients on autopilot. They are incredibly skilled at what they do and have lots of patience" - Heather


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