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Better Blogging for Your Wedding Business

When I was planning my wedding I had a million questions.

What time should I have my ceremony? How much cake will I need? How soon should I order my dress? How early should I book my hair and makeup?

There was a whole load of unknowns and like many other brides exactly like me - I turned to Pinterest and Google to find out the answers.

Your clients and potential clients are doing the same.

When they are searching the web for the answers to their questions, whose website do you want them to find?

Your, right?

You want potential clients to find your website and think “Wow, they really know what they’re doing.” You want the couples who have booked you to think, “We totally trust them.” You want others in the industry to respect you, and your clients to refer you to their family and friends.

Then, you need to be blogging.

Why you need to blog consistently as a wedding professional

The idea of just creating a beautiful site and then being 'done' is a myth. You need to be consistently updating your website with fresh, relevant content in order to rank in search engines. That doesn’t mean you need to consistently change up your about page every month or replace your galleries every other week. Instead, the way to consistently update your website’s content is through your blog.

Each and every time you blog you are making it more likely that potential clients are able to find you.

Blogging is a major opportunity for lots of wedding pros and no I'm not just talking about the photographers! By blogging frequently, and having informative, thought out posts you can set yourself apart from the crowd!

Why you need to blog educational content on your website

Yes, it's great to blog about past weddings for inspiration on your wedding. But another type of blog post you should be writing is educational content.

As a wedding supplier, you’ve worked tons - maybe even hundreds- of weddings. But for your clients? This is probably one of only a handful of weddings they’ve been a part of or maybe even attended. The things that you don’t even think twice about, your clients have no idea about. They’re looking to you to guide them through this experience. A blog full of informative and helpful content serves your clients well because it answers their questions - even the ones they hadn't thought of yet!

But, I know that it can be a challenge to know what to write about and find the time to constantly coming up with ideas. That’s why we've taken the guesswork out and created Content Club- it comes with ready done content and editable blog posts for your website that you can edit, add your own keywords to and post. We've written search engine optimised posts on popular, informative content that your ideal client is searching for - helping you to rank for those questions, not only that but you get done-for-you content for your social feeds and even comes with captions too.


If you're still not convinced why you need a blog on your website you can check out our Freebie here - Better Blogging for Your Wedding Business - inside you'll find the 6 reasons you're leaving money on the table by not having a wedding blog on your website, what your future couples are looking for in your blog and how to write blogs that convert couples into bookings.


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