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Is Your Wedding Business Content Engagement Dropping? Here's How to Fix It

Are you a wedding business owner posting on social media but noticing a lull in your content engagement lately? With summer approaching, it’s natural for your audience to be less active on social media, preferring outdoor adventures and sunny activities.

Or, maybe your content just isn’t hitting the mark. 😐

Regardless of the season or the type of content you’re posting, you’re in the right place. We're here to share some tried-and-true creative strategies to boost your likes, shares, and comments. Let's dive in!

wedding supplier content strategy

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1) Tune into Your Audience's Conversations

The key to effective content is listening to what your audience is already discussing. Observe who’s commenting on or liking your posts and identify the topics that generate the most engagement.

Take a look at their profiles and stories. What are they sharing and discussing? This isn’t about being nosy; it’s about understanding what excites them. Use these insights to create content that resonates with their interests and challenges.

For instance, if you're a wedding planner and notice a follower frequently posts about her upcoming wedding but struggles with DIY décor ideas, create content that provides simple, elegant DIY décor tips. This approach not only helps her but also showcases your expertise to your entire audience.

2) Host Recurring Monthly Challenges or Contests

Instead of a simple “GIVEAWAY” post, create a recurring event that your audience looks forward to. This could be a monthly challenge where participants can showcase their wedding planning skills or share their experiences.

For example, you could host a monthly "Wedding Inspiration Challenge," inviting followers to submit their best wedding ideas or décor setups. This not only generates leads and word-of-mouth but also allows you to gather feedback and share your expertise.

Ideas for Challenges or Contests:

Dream Wedding Board Challenge: Ask followers to create and share a digital vision board of their dream wedding.

Love Story Highlights: Encourage couples to share their engagement stories and pick the most liked one.

Monthly Planning Tips: Share a wedding planning tip and ask for community insights, then feature the best ones.

Bride and Groom Spotlight: Highlight different couples each week, showcasing their unique wedding plans and ideas.

DIY Décor Hacks: Share a DIY wedding décor tip and ask followers to share their own.

a mood board to showcase the different types of content wedding business owners can create

3) Share Relatable Content and Memes

Memes are a fun, relatable way to engage your audience. Create a ‘Meme of the Week’ that hits the nail on the head for your niche. When done right, memes can prompt your followers to like, comment, tag, and share.

Steps for Making Original Memes

1. Find the Humor: Identify relatable scenarios that your audience will find funny.

2. Use Branded Templates: Make your memes recognisable.

3. Pick the Right Image: Use meme apps or search for trending memes.

4. Craft a Punchy Caption: Keep it short and funny.

4) Celebrate Wins, Even the Small Ones

Treat social media like a celebration and acknowledge even the smallest victories. Whether it’s booking your first wedding client, successfully coordinating a flawless event, or reaching a milestone in your business, these celebrations make your followers feel like they’re part of your journey. Share these moments to build a stronger connection with your audience and show them the joy and dedication you bring to every wedding you plan as well as how much you pour into your events.

5) Post Series and Cliffhanger Content

Break your content into a series or share behind-the-scenes updates that leave your followers wanting more. This storytelling approach keeps them coming back for the next installment.

For example, post a teaser image and a sneak peek caption of an upcoming wedding setup before the big reveal. This builds anticipation and keeps your audience engaged, eager to see the final transformation and the magic you create for each couple. Another way you can successfully do this is to drip feed your content across days or weeks, sharing parts of a wedding and telling stories to your audience, keeping them coming back for part 2 and 3.

6) Show Random Acts of Kindness

Surprise your most loyal followers with shoutouts. Tag them in stories or captions, or create special “Certificate of Awesomeness' posts to acknowledge their support. Genuine appreciation goes a long way in building a strong community.

Bonus Tip: Write Like a Real Person

Write captions, emails, and other content as if you’re chatting with friends. Keep it real, relatable, and true to your personality. Avoid generic, business-like posts. Your followers want to hear from you, not just your business.

What’s Next?

Ready for more engagement and a smoother content process? Join our Content Membership, which includes Canva templates, captions, reel templates, blog posts, stock photos, and more. Stress-free content creation is just a click away.


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