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5 Reasons to be at Wedcon: The Wedding Industry Conference

Get ready to elevate your wedding business to new heights with Wedcon! Held at The Old Palace in Chester on November 2024, Wedcon is the ultimate event designed specifically for professionals in the wedding industry.

Our lineup of speakers is unparalleled, featuring experts who are at the top of their game. Deep Bajwa, a renowned wedding industry expert specialising in the luxury high-end market, will share her insights on sales and strategy. 

Olivia Riddiford, with over 15 years of experience in wedding venues, will offer invaluable advice on getting on recommended venue lists and why it's crucial for your business strategy especially at the moment.

Kerry Curl, a six-figure wedding makeup artist, will reveal secrets to scaling your business and delivering top-class experiences that clients are willing to pay for.

 Debbie Marks, an award-winning events business owner with one of the largest wedding planning businesses in the UK, Debbie is a sought after educator, who’ll be providing actionable strategies for success time and time again in the wedding industry.

Bernadette Chapman, a mentor and coach for wedding professionals will empower you to achieve results and make waves in the industry. Bernadette has trained thousands of wedding planners during her time as CEO of the UKAWP and now coaches and mentors wedding businesses to help them get to their next level. 

Filled with actionable takeaways, our meticulously curated agenda has been composed with extensive research and valuable industry insights at its core.

Moments from Wedcon 2023!

Wedcon is organised by Katie and Roxy, industry leaders with a wealth of experience and a passion for helping wedding businesses succeed. Katie, an award-winning entrepreneur and recognised businesswoman, brings over 15 years of industry expertise to the table. Roxy Bond, co-founder of The Wedding Business Hub, is dedicated to helping businesses level up, improve confidence, and implement repeatable strategies for success.

At Wedcon, you'll have the opportunity to connect with industry experts, gain valuable strategies, and network with like-minded professionals. Wedcon is all about building relationships and creating new bonds through our unparalleled business experience. 

Not only will you be getting top-quality education from some of the best minds in the wedding industry, but you’ll also have so many opportunities to invest time and energy in your business. 

Because of that, we wanted to talk through some of the reasons why you should get be at Wedcon in November. Are you planning on going, but haven’t got your tickets yet? Grab yours today!  

You’ll Get to Chat to our Speaker Lineup 

The Wedcon speakers are exceptionally talented professionals who generously share their expertise, allowing us to deliver top-notch education to you.

Covering a wide array of topics such as pricing strategies, setting boundaries, and sales techniques, our Educators possess an unparalleled depth of knowledge. And they’ll be present and in the room at Wedcon offering you the chance to meet industry luminaries like Deep Bajwa, Bernadette Chapman and Debbie Marks in person. Be sure to get your ticket if you’d like to network with these industry titans and ask them any burning questions about your business. 

Wedcon - wedding industry networking
The Old Palace - Wedcon Venue

We’ll Be On Hand to Answer Your Business Questions 

Speaking of exciting people, we’ll also be in the room to chat all things business and weddings. We can’t wait to chat with you and answer any questions you may have about how advertising works, where you should be spending your time online as a business owner, how to streamline your sales process or any other questions you may have. Creating connections is one of the most important things about being at Wedcon, so be sure to come and strike up a conversation with us and we’d be happy to help with any business questions you may have.


Wedcon is a perfect opportunity to mingle with other wedding professionals from around the country who are just as amazing as you are. It’s a great place to expand your network outside of your local area. There’s so much opportunity available to you by being in a room filled with inspirational and influential people inside the wedding industry  - and it all starts with a hello!

Everything is geared towards the Wedding Industry 

We work in a unique industry and so we need unique approaches and strategies fit for the clients and seasonal element of our business. At Wedcon, you'll benefit from tailored coaching sessions designed specifically for professionals in the wedding industry so everything is relevant! 

Whether you're a photographer, florist, venue owner, makeup artist, or wedding planner, our expert coaches will provide personalised guidance and strategies to help you overcome challenges, maximise opportunities, and achieve your business goals.

Plus the keynote talks from industry pioneers offer many motivational insights and stories of success. These keynotes not only energise attendees but also provide actionable takeaways and practical advice to fuel your ongoing business journey and give you ideas you can use in your own wedding business.

The Opportunities 

One of our favourite things about Wedcon is the opportunities that present themselves to the businesses in the room. We see many new relationships and partnerships begin at Wedcon from suppliers being invited to be on recommended supplier lists, online projects, styled shoot opportunities, partnerships and more, the possibilities are endless. We take great joy in facilitating these connections and seeing businesses flourish as a result of the collaborations sparked at Wedcon. 

Wedcon fosters a real  supportive community of like-minded professionals who share a passion for the wedding industry. Through shared experiences, collaborative problem-solving, and mutual encouragement, our attendees gain access to a positive, friendly and  supportive network that can provide ongoing guidance, inspiration, and friendship long after the doors to Wedcon close.

We could honestly go on and on, but we’ll leave you with this: if you’re able to go to Wedcon on November 20th in Chester, get your tickets today.


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