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5 Ways to Use a Blog to Build your Wedding Brand

Blogging is a really effective way to propel your business forward as a wedding professional and it's one of the best marketing strategies you can adopt - why? Because it's all about creating valuable pieces of content that are relevant to your audience.

But I'm already creating valuable content on social media, why do I need a blog too?

Blogging is an evergreen marketing strategy that grows and can really last a lifetime. Instagram posts last a few days in terms of their effectiveness in being visible and reaching your clients, Pinterest pins, last a few months.

But a blog post with good SEO and good content is going to be there for years. Pulling in leads for your business.

If you LOVE your wedding business, why wouldn’t you want to share that passion with those checking out your business and share news on what you do and why you do it. Blogging consistently is a marketing tool, readily available to you which enables you to achieve this whilst helping you to build:

  • wedding couples’ confidence

  • brand awareness

  • loyalty

  • trust

  • authority

  • value.

We have always enjoyed blogging, mostly because I understand that regularly publishing fresh wedding content, adds value to my website, allows us to share knowledge......which we absolutely love!

But we know not all Wedpros are the same! As wedding business marketers we often hear things like:

“I hate writing blogs”

“I just can’t seem to find the time“

“I can’t think what to write”

“I don’t understand why blogging is important”

“I don’t know how to even start to write a blog let alone do it consistently”

Sound familiar to you? These, are some of the reasons we hear from wedding business owners, who don’t like blogging or just get plain stuck when they do it. Look, we know that working in the wedding industry, it really can be hard to find the time to write blogs. If you are looking for a solution check out our low cost membership which along with all of your social media posts and captions, will craft you regular expertly written blogs you can simply insert into your own business. It's getting amazing results for the wedding businesses inside and best of all it's saving them time too. I always find things that save me time, the best investment I can make in my business. You can check out Content Club here.

5 Ways Blogging Benefits Your Wedding Business:

1. Blogs help people find your business. Most of the time, when a customer requires a product or service, they go and perform a search on Google.

● The goal is for your wedding business to be the product or service that pops up in their search results. Your goal is to get people to notice you.

● SEO (search engine optimisation) is the key to successful blogging. A unique, exciting blog with good keywords is vital for customers to find you.

● Search engines (like Google) love relevant, engaging content. Blogs are a simple, inexpensive way to provide the keywords that will drive traffic to your site.

First of all, a blog is one of the best ways to boost your SEO, you've probably heard that before!

SEO, put simply is a search engine crawls your website and it sees what it's about. If your website isn't good at having fresh, consistent new content, the search engine is going to see that you're website is old and believe it's not relevant, and they're not going to show it as high up as it could be.

2. You can build relationships.

But it's not just about SEO..... It's essential because it's allowing our clients to really read and understand our voice and build relationships with them. Blogs provide a way to talk to customers and bring them in without communicating with them in person. Blogs can have a global reach and create a relaxed space for connecting with new and existing customers.

● Imagine being able to engage with hundreds of potential clients by writing just one blog post. Customers will trust you and your and expertise if you post useful, valuable content and as a wedding supplier, it's super important to build know, like and trust in order to convert anyone visiting your website or getting to know your business into that booking.

3. You can provide a knowledge base. Then, when your content is engaging, your reader benefits from the information and sees you as an ‘industry expert.’

● Whenever readers have a question about something in your particular field, your blog will be the first place they check for answers.

● When they require your product or service, clients will trust you to be the best choice for the job, leading to more customers.

4. You can create brand awareness. Your blog is an opportunity to share your business's character, mission, and vision. It generates rapid know, like and trust when they can align with your businesses mission, vision and reason for you doing what you do.

5. You can effectively market your business. Word-of-mouth marketing is the best marketing out there, and that’s precisely what you’re creating with a well-crafted blog post.

● When customers feel like they are benefitting from your blog, they will share it with others they know who'll similarly have the same questions about planning their wedding too.

There is no cap on how far-reaching a blog post can be if it’s quality content. Plus you can use well crafted blogs time and time again.

Is It Time to Start a Blog?

Starting a blog is an ideal marketing strategy if you’re ready to increase your brand awareness, bump up your online traffic, and convert that traffic to clients.

If you find writing blog posts intimidating or struggle to think or topics to cover, I have a freebie you are going to love! It goes into more depth about how to start or improve your wedding business blog and gives you 2 free blog posts you can edit, chop and change or just insert straight onto your website, start your blogging journey the simple way.

In fact, I'm all about working smarter as a wedding business owner now. If i don't have to create something from scratch or if I can tap into someone else's expertise and it's going to save me time and frustration, and make me money I do. You shouldn't be letting content creation get in the way of building your wedding business and making more money. You didn't start your business to be a social media manager or copywriter, you started to build a business that you love, have more freedom and less of the boring stuff right? Check out our done for you content solutions that are guaranteed to save you time, increase your wedding business visibility and get you booked. There's no lengthy memberships, meaning you can check it out, test out some of the posts, captions and blogs in there and see if it works for your business. We are so sure it will, because hundreds of other wedding business owners are testing and tracking it, and we've built everything on a strategy we've spent the last 13 years developing inside our own wedding business and the wedding businesses we work with too. And it's one that works......... If you're interested in finding out more.... head on over to

Blogging is a great evergreen marketing strategy for your wedding business, whether you tap into our done-for-you solution or not, you definitely need to be thinking about incorporating blogging into your overall marketing strategy for your wedding business.

Remember to check out The WedPro Podcast too for more on blogging!

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