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The Business Skills You Need as a Wedding Business Owner

Following your dream and becoming a sought-after wedding business  involves more than just a love for weddings and a creative eye. It demands some serious business skills. Whether you're just starting your business or a few years in, there's always new things to learn.  Let's explore eight crucial skills to ensure your business not only survives but thrives.

Have a Vision and Think Strategically

Beyond passion, owning a business requires a clear vision and strategic thinking. You are going to have to continually adapt your business and messaging to changing markets, whilst also driving your business and working towards your long term goals. Having a clear vision, purpose and goals will help you keep on track and become the foundation to plan strategically for the future.

Pro-tip: Understand the importance of goal setting and establish core values for your business.

Money Management 

More than tracking bank balances, managing a business's finances involves bookkeeping, cash flow management, budgeting, and projections. A solid understanding of accounting is essential for success. It’s not just about knowing how much is in your bank account, you need at least a basic understanding of accounting - it’s one of the most important skills to master as a business owner.


Marketing goes beyond having a website and social media presence. The first step is to ensure that you are putting your business on the channels your potential couples are on. You need at least a basic understanding of SEO and evaluate social media strategies, and choose advertising channels wisely.

Pro Tip: Become an expert in your target audience.

The WedPro CEO handbook

Be Able to Sell

Even if selling feels uncomfortable, it's vital for you to master this skill in order to book more couples.So many people tell us that they are uncomfortable with selling and we get it… it can feel uncomfortable to put yourself out there, talk about yourself and your qualifications and then ask for money. However you can’t avoid it, and need to consistently attract new leads and couples to your business.  Learn to qualify leads, conduct successful sales calls, and confidently close deals. We teach you how to master your sales in an easy and effective way inside our WedPro Programme. If you’d like further information on our 6 step sales method and how we can help you become a powerhouse at closing couples, book in a call here.

Having Great People Skills

As a business owner, especially inside of the wedding industry you need to have great people skills. Whether you are communicating with clients, other suppliers, or your own team, requires a blend of empathy, effective communication, and a genuine understanding of human interactions. 

Your ability to connect with clients on a personal level, making them feel heard and valued, plays a crucial role in building trust and long-lasting relationships, ultimately translating into better service delivery and client satisfaction. In the wedding industry, where emotions run high and personal connections matter, mastering people skills is not just a business asset but a key ingredient for success.

Time and Project Management

Being a business in the wedding industry can often feel like you are pulled in many directions. Manage your time effectively and develop strong project management skills to stay on track and avoid burnout. Self-discipline and decisive decision-making are crucial in handling the multiple responsibilities and clients you’ll have as a wedding business owner. 

Learning from Past Mistakes

Embrace mistakes and failures as opportunities for growth. Continuous improvement and learning from setbacks are vital for building a successful and enduring business.You are likely to make mistakes, take a wrong turn or even fail completely at something once in a while, it doesn’t mean you’ll never be successful or that you should shut your business. Looking for ways to improve and learn from your mistakes will give you the right attitude and mindset to succeed in the wedding industry. Remember there’s no such thing as the perfect business and whilst there’s a lot of information available to help you, there’s no step-by-step manual. There’s things you can do to improve the odds of success or to speed up your journey such as investing in a coach who’s got a track record of supporting other businesses to get to where you want to be. 

If after reading this, you know the business skills you may need to brush up on and would like to work with us to help your business get to its next level. Our commitment extends beyond providing insights; we offer tailored guidance and support to empower your journey. Whether you're a newcomer navigating the wedding industry or a seasoned professional seeking refinement, our collaborative approach is geared towards enhancing your business from day 1. 

For more information just fill out the form below and we’ll jump on a quick call and talk through how we can support you best. 

Imagine having access to all the tools and support you need to skyrocket your business to that, sweet 6-figure mark and beyond. 

Say goodbye to the days of chasing clients. With our proven strategies, watch your booking calendar go from almost-always-empty to envy-worthy.


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