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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Brand Ambassador

This is what all we ask of you: 

Support and grow your local wedding business community by running an engaging Facebook group and providing monthly  friendly networking events.

Benefits of becoming a Brand Ambassador include:

  • Income - You'll receive up to 60% of ticket sales for each networking ticket sold for your event

  • You get to attend other local Wedding Business Hub Events for Free

  • You get to earn up to 50% commission on any additional training sold to your network or at your events (very passive) 

  • You are provided with high quality training to support you as a brand ambassador

  • You are invited to monthly group coaching to help grow your own wedding businesses (worth £1000's) 

  • Additional perks include visibility to an audience of over 15,000, podcast and PR opportunities and generous bonuses which are often


Who would this role benefit?

  • Someone who  loves to learn and will complete the training provided

  • A wedding business owner or someone who works in the industry who is looking for their own business to get extra visibility

  • Someone who acknowledges how successful networking is for businesses 

  • Someone friendly, approachable and loves sharing in their own and others successes

Andrea, Wedding Florist

"I love putting on events for The Wedding Business Hub and especially that I can put my own stamp on anything I do in my area. The whole team are incredibly supportive and it feels great to be part of such a positive group of people."

What Our Brand Ambassadors Say:

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