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How to reply to your Wedding Leads

Today we are delving into the art of navigating your lead replies so that you can avoid ghosting and convert your enquiries. We’re sharing valuable insights and answers to some of your most frequently asked questions relating to handling your wedding lead enquiries. 

1. How should I respond when a couple asks for pricing first in their enquiry? 

Your goal is continue the conversation with your lead. When you reply asking for them to join you on a call this usually stops the conversation as it’s not what they want at this time. 

When couples enquire about pricing upfront, acknowledge that they’ve asked about your pricing and reply with one of these ways: 

  • Tell them - If you have all of the details tell them the price and ask for the sale. Don’t just reply with how much your packages are, you need to ask for the sale. 

  • Don’t Tell them just yet - acknowledge that they’ve asked but reply and ask for some more information so that you can provide them with an accurate quote or ballpark figure. If this price is in range they’ll be more likely to continue to the next phase. We’d recommend replying with “I’d love to give you a price, but I want to ensure that I don’t leave anything out that’s important to you, and I certainly don’t want you to pay for anything that you don’t need. Can I get some details so I can give you a price?” Then ask them a low commitment question such as their date, number of guests or whether they are having their ceremony and reception at the same place. Don’t ask them all of the questions at once, just one per message or email. 

  • Give a starting price - if your product or service doesn’t have a big range in price, then quoting a starting price is fine. If you do have a big range depending on client choice then quoting a starting price can be detrimental. You’re always starting from the bottom up when you price this way so if you have a higher range of pricing don’t price in this way. You’ll give the impression that your prices are lower than they actually are.

  • Give a price range - Quote a price in a range. “My prices range from £XXX- £XXX” or you say they go from “£XX to £XX” with £X being your most popular option. 

2. What do you do if they keep asking for a price and don’t want to give you any details? 

a wedding professional responding to interested couples to book them for services.

If clients insist on just receiving pricing without further engagement, it's your choice whether or not you wish to comply. Some people just want to talk pricing and it’s the only way they know how to engage with your services. You get to choose whether you want to send your pricing or not. They could still end up being an amazing client. If you do send your pricing ensure that it’s mobile friendly, include some testimonials, and have a strong call to action, and then follow up.

3. Should I have my pricing on my website? Before they reach out and start a conversation with me? 

Roughly 80% of couples find it important that your pricing is transparent and easy to find on your website before they’ll reach out with an enquiry. Putting pricing on your website (even a range) may reduce your overall number of enquiries, it helps filter out those who can’t afford your services. Of course there is always the opportunity for you to upsell to someone who had a lower budget to your range with a conversation, but usually they are moving from below your pricing range into the bottom end of it. This isn’t your ideal client. Your ideal client can already afford you and has the  budget to move up higher or have extras too. 

4. How do you respond to a client who doesn’t have a wedding date yet? 

Give these types of enquiry some information and a price range and let them know you are unable to give an exact price until they have a date. Be sure to ask “When do you think you’ll have your date set so that I can give you a more exact price?” 

5. How can you encourage them onto a call? 

Don’t rush this process. Gradually build up to a call by first responding by their initial contact method.  Express enthusiasm about their wedding and suggest a call after a few back and forth messages. You can get to that commitment phone call by saying something like “I’m really excited about your wedding and I’d love to speak to you more about how I can make it extra special. Are you available for a quick call now? Or would tomorrow be better?

6. How can I avoid sounding like everyone else? 

Pay attention to what the couple have mentioned in their initial enquiry. If there’s details you can comment on such as their location, venue, date then try and make a connection there. It’s important to not make your responses too robotic.

7. Should I tell them I’ll only hold their date for a certain length of time? 

Definitely create some sense of urgency in your reply, but don’t make it sound disingenuous. If the couple has chosen a popular time of year, you can mention this in your reply stating that you can only commit to 1 booking on that day and you’d love it to be theirs. Ensure that you have the clients next steps lined out in a simple way or ask them when they are looking to make their decision. This way you’ve got a reason to reach back out to them.

Have clear next steps for your clients to follow and you’ll avoid having inconsistent results. 

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