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6 Ways to SkyRocket Your Wedding Business

Having a business of your own is never easy, especially, in the wedding industry, it can be a super competitive and difficult industry to get your foot in the door. However, it’s absolutely possible for you to grow your business into a wildly successful business, take on new clients and have the lifestyle and business you wanted.

Here are our Top Tips to Skyrocket your Wedding Business!

1. Promote yourself on Social Media

Love it or Hate it, Social Media has become one of the most powerful marketing tools available to us as small business owners. Plus more than a third of the world population is using it! Focus on the platforms that your ideal client is using and ensure that you are using hashtags that are location specific as well as industry specific to ensure you are reaching more of your target clients and not just speaking to ‘everyone’

2. Network!

Networking is the absolute key to many businesses’ success, no matter how large or small your business is. Networking means meeting new people within the industry or even new clients and telling them about your business. After all if you aren’t telling people about your wedding business; who is? From these relationships and collaborations will form. You can also find like-minded pro’s serving other couples within your local area able to recommend you once you’ve established a relationship with them. At networking events ideas and trends can be discussed, new positions can be advertised, people can recommend one another and you can collaborate on styled shoots, meet venue owners and teams and discuss business niggles too. To check out our networking events click here. If we don’t have them in your local area yet and you’d like to host one of our events in a paid position – send us an email to marked Brand Ambassador and we'll send you some more details.

Check out our free Facebook networking community and join if you are not yet a member.

3. Have a Welcome Pack and a Sign Off Thank You Pack for Past Clients

You probably already have some sort of system in place for welcoming new clients into your business. If you don’t have one we would highly recommend that you create one, it should include your contract, checklists for the couple and any other important information your client needs to know about your processes.

Having a thank you pack for your past clients isn’t totally necessary but it does give your past couples motivation to write that much coveted testimonial. In the thank you pack you could include a personalised note from your company to wish them well in their future life as a married couple and perhaps include a small gift as an appreciation of their business. Once clients see the lengths you go to, to make them feel appreciated they will be more likely to recommend you or work with you again in the future.

4. Care about your business

Once people see how much you care about your business, they will also start to care too, want to recommend you and even work with you. Treat everyone you meet with respect, go the extra mile and handle clients individually and professionally. Clients love it when you treat them with a personal and professional manner. Listen to your clients and make helpful suggestions and recommendations and they’ll feel appreciated and like there’s no other wedding professional who gets their vision other than you!

The same goes for others within the wedding industry or those who may recommend your services. Act professionally both online and offline and make it evident that you care about your business and you’ll naturally pick up recommendations from others in the industry – happy to recommend your products and services to their clients too.

5. Be Consistent with your branding

Many wedding businesses still underestimate great branding. Don’t be one of those businesses. Copy the bigger companies and invest some time at least thinking about your branding and the clients you would like to attract to your business. Then consider what you wish to be remembered for. If you need some help with your brand strategy – download our workbook here.

Ensure you use consistent branding throughout your entire business and people will start to recognise your brand more easily. It’ll ensure familiarity with your business and a sense of community as followers, past and future clients begin to interact and recognise your posts and content.

6. Set Goals and Celebrate when you reach them!

Setting goals is incredibly helpful when looking to grow your business. If you don’t know where you are going – how will you know when you get there? Spend a few moments thinking about what you see the future of your business looking like and then create an action plan for your business of how to get there. To achieve any goal, big or small steps need to be taken to get there – this is what an action plan is. It also helps you to break larger goals or tasks into smaller and more manageable chunks. Create your action plan by taking a single task or goals and writing down all of the steps needed and then put a date next to each task so that you can get a clear idea of what needs to be done and when.

Whether you decide to journal, vision board or simply write your goals down on post it notes in your office or on your phone we'd highly recommend spending a few moments to think about what success within your business looks like for you.

Celebrate and share your wins when you achieve them. Pop into our group and tell us all about them too! We know being a small business owner can be lonely at times and we are here to be your own little cheerleading team


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