Want to Book More Weddings Using Instagram? Read This!

"Will Instagram really work for my wedding business?"

We get it, it's sometimes difficult to see how Instagram could help you book more weddings when it seems to be an app full of selfie content, beautiful feeds and that's before we even talk about reels!

But we are here to convince you that Instagram is definitely worth investing some time and effort into and we've got some stats to back it up.

PS - stick around to the end where we've got something for you that'll significantly help you with any Insta niggles you may be having.

  • Over 65% of Instagram's 1 billion daily users are under 35. It's a fact that Millennial brides and grooms are using Instagram and ultimately as a business you want to be showing up in the places your future client is.

  • 200 million+ users are engaging with business accounts every single day and 70% of all Instagram users regularly engage with businesses on Instagram.

  • Plus....posts with a location tag generally get 79% more engagement than those that don't - meaning it's the perfect way for local couples to find you.

Feeling convinced that you need to step up your Instagram game? Let's take a look at how you can do that.

1) Create a business account

You'll get access to things like insights, so you can see what your audience is responding to and isn't. You'll also get insights on your followers so you are able to create content that speaks to them at a time they are only. Insights help you make smarter decisions whilst on IG which means you are less likely to waste time on marketing that doesn't work. Plus if you ever decide to run any Instagram ads your profile will be all set up ready to go.

2) Choose a keyword rich name

When potential clients are searching for you on Instagram, it's unlikely that they are searching you by name - unless they already know about you. Make sure that your profile name includes some industry keywords or explains what you do. Having something like "Shropshire Wedding Stationer" underneath your Instagram Handle is going to make you way more searchable.

If your chosen Instagram handle isn't available try playing around with underscores ____ so you could have london_wedding_planner which will work just as well.

3) Optimise your BIO

Make it awesome! You get 150 characters to make an impression on somebody. What you write here, along with your photos, determines whether you get followed or not.

Describe exactly what your business does and be sure to include a link to your website. If your business has a physical location, make sure you include that too.

Here's a little tip: Seen as you only get one link to use in your bio, you can create your own landing page specifically for Instagram on your website, that's hidden otherwise. You can fill this with any other links you want to include for example: book a consultation or opt in for a freebie - all the while still directing them to your site rather than something like Link.Tree which you can't brand unless you pay monthly for. It's a great extra area you can create KLT (know like trust) too - as you could pop a fab testimonial on this page too.

4) Share photos that show off your expertise and attract your ideal couples.

Include the best photos of your products and services. This establishes your credibility and encourages commenting and sharing by couples looking for wedding inspiration.Make sure you have a nice balance of non sales posts too that your clients will find interesting. Try to include some behind-the-scenes photos and videos too – local couples will love to see the care and effort you put into your business, and what it takes to create the final product for them!

5) Use keywords in your hashtags

Instagram allows up to 30 hashtags per photo, so take advantage of them. Each hashtag represents an opportunity get your content seen and to connect with brides or grooms who are searching for those terms. Include as many relevant hashtags as possible with every photo. Search Instagram for keywords related to your business to get ideas about the hashtags you should be using to attract your couples. Switch your hashtags up and track good performing ones using your insights.

6) Use Instagram to network. Promote other wedding pros and local businesses to get more followers

Extend your networking to Instagram. The best way to get others to promote your business is to mention and promote them first.

Use the @ tag to give a shout out to outstanding wedding businesses and to your couples too.

7) Be social and encourage engagement

Take the time to reply to the comments on your photos. You need to build relationships to get attention and earn leads with Instagram.

Get your followers engaged with your content and they are more likely to see more of your content going forward.

  • Follow back your followers, especially other wedding businesses and couples and build up genuine connections

  • Like and comment on your followers’ photos.

  • Ask questions in your posts.

  • Share relevant resources that your followers will find interesting and facts about the industry.

  • Host an Instagram contest to gain exposure.

TIP: Use Geo Tags when posting from your store location or a wedding venue and encourage your couples to do the same. This is another way to curate your photos and increase your brand visibility in the local area.

Instagram is a free way to promote your wedding business and a great way to build connections with couples to convert them into bookings and sales.

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