Finding your next blog topic for your wedding website

When you're busy with the business of your wedding business, it's hard to find time to blog, let alone constantly come up with new wedding blog topics to post about. Which is why I want to share some of the absolute easiest ways to find dozens of blog post topics - but right now, what you probably need most are just a few great ideas that you can implement right away...that your audience actually takes the time to read. After all if you are going to spend the time writing it, you'd hope that someone will be reading!

And with this post today I'll show you how to consistently come up with topics that your audience really cares about. How do I know? Because with these methods, your clients will be the ones giving you all the ideas!

To discover what's really on the minds of your couples, you really just need to start paying attention.

Here are a few ways to quickly find out what your audience wants and get tons of new blogging inspiration, enabling you to plan your blogs months in advance.

Ask Your Newsletter Subscribers

If you have an email sign-up on your site, you can build this right into sign up and get to know your audience even better.

You could also pop this into your first auto responder once you've captured their email address. Ask your sign ups a simple question such as:

What is the number one wedding related question you have for me?

What is the top challenge you're facing right now when planning your wedding?

If you could get my free advice on anything right now, what question would you ask?

Take Inspiration from your enquiries

While I'm sure that many of your service or product enquiries revolve around pricing and packages, I'm sure there's a fair few of them include other questions and comments too.

These questions are clues to other things that are on your prospect's mind - that you can blog about. Why would they ask that question? Why did they make that comment? What could be going on in their planning or research that would raise that concern?

When couples reach out to you for the first time, their enquiry could just contain a wealth of insight into topics they need to be educated on. Use these for inspiration to create tons of blog post topics for the year ahead.

Common Misconceptions

Couples as much as many of them would like to consider themselves experts on all things planning a wedding just aren't. And whether you're at bridal shows, on sales calls, through social media or via your enquiries, you probably find that couples are sometimes misinformed about your particular area of service or planning a wedding in general? These misconceptions are great blog post opportunities and can really set you up as the expert in your field.

Remember for many couples, this is the first time they've ever been married and, thus, their first experience planning a wedding. They simply don't know what they don't know!

Your blog can educate them so they are more empowered in their research and decision-making process, which they will greatly appreciate.

Make sure you aren't coming across as mocking them or preachy, turn your attention to building up the confidence and opening up their eyes to potential pit-falls along the way they can avoid.

Dig in and implement these strategies for your own blog and see just how many reader-ready topics you can plan for your wedding business blog over the next 12 months. I'd love to know how many you came up with!