Supercharge your blogging - 17 Blog Post strategies with examples to increase your impact

Blogging is a really effective marketing tool in your overall strategy as a wedding business in building a trust factor with your perspective clients.

Use these 17 different strategies. to create incredibly compelling and clickable blog posts.

Each strategy represents a different type of blog post for you to work into your wedding business marketing strategy.

wedding business blog tips
17 high impact ideas to supercharge your wedding business blog

#1: How To Guides and Tutorials

Guide your readers step-by-step of a part of their wedding walking them through how to tick off a particular thing in their wedding.

#2: News and Current Events

Stay relevant by sharing current news and events such as industry news, trends or celebrity and royal weddings. You can use our social media calendar help you plan out your content.

#3: Controversy

Write about a controversial subject in a way that is helpful to your readers and not overly offensive for example your thoughts on inviting children to weddings or having a social media free wedding.

#4: Checklists

Help your readers remember everything they need to about a part of their wedding by creating an in-depth timeline or checklist.

#5: Listicles

Create a list of items that are relevant to your audience such as things they need to remember when planning their wedding or lists of items not to forget to pack on their honeymoon etc.

#6: In-depth Wedding Testimonials

Show your future clients how your business or service helped another couple solve the problem they are facing.

#7: Profiles and Interviews

Profile or interview someone who would be of interest to your readers. Shine the focus on another supplier and tap into their audience as well. If you do a great feature or interview with another supplier they would be silly not to share your blog with their audience too.

#8: The Expert Roundup

Gather a large number of opinions from other suppliers on a particular subject or topic and compile them into a single post. This could be a gathering of thoughts and trends for next season or all the behind the scenes tips from the experts.

#9: Reviews and Comparisons

Review a product or compare two different products and let your readers know which one is better, and why. For example there are so many different wedding planning tools on the market now, from guest management apps, photo sharing services and a hold host more. Claiming to save our wedding clients time and money.

#10: Resource Roundup

Provide links to a some helpful resources that are all related to your ideal client. Everyone loves to save time, save your future client some time and appear helpful from the off by providing them with a handy list of the best suppliers you work with, or resources and articles out there to save them time when organising their wedding.

#11: Quote Roundup

Gather a large number of quotes that are all related to weddings and commitment and compile them into a single blog post. This could be a great tool for your client in planning wedding speeches or writing vows.

#12: Behind The Scenes / A Day In The Life

Take your readers behind the scenes of your life and business, giving them a snapshot of what a particular day looks like. You don't need to share anything that you don't want to, you are in control of what your clients read. Meetings with other wedding suppliers, set ups of client consultations, product development and even general wedding admin all show sides of you that future couples will want to depend on in organising their wedding.

#13: Data-Backed Posts

This builds authority in the industry. Either do your own original research and write about it or write something based on research done by others. This could be a particular view point, data on wedding budgets or anything else in which you are using reliable sources to call upon your information.

#14: Inspirational Stories

Tell your readers an inspirational story about you or your business that fits into your overall business goals. Personal connections create know you, like you, trust you quickly with clients. Share your business story and any inspirational stories you have in a humble way with your readers and you'll tick off the 'know you' and 'like you' in one post.

#15: Frequently Asked Questions

Answer questions in your blog post that you are frequently asked either in person or via email chances are these are the things your wedding clients are googling too.

#16: Top Takeaways or Tips

Provide your top takeaways and tips from your experience in the industry and the weddings and clients you have worked with. You can also share your views of a particular book, guide, podcast or even TV programme or Netflix series,......Married at First Sight or Don't Tell the Bride.... anyone? Whilst you are there, see if you can spot our bridal shop on Netflix along with Roxy, front of house.

#17: Beginner’s Guides

Create how-to posts that guide beginners through a particular set of actions or process. This could be creating the perfect smokey eye at home, choosing the perfect first dance song, how to get the most of out of wedding fairs and exhibitions.

Do you blog? Let us know in the comments which of these blog types you'll be adopting into your overall blogging strategy.

Have a great day

Katie and Roxy x