Tips to a successful Facebook competition

Did you know that in 2020, the global number of Facebook users is expected to reach 1.69 billion, up from 1.34 million in 2014. So running a contest,giveaway or competition using Facebook is a total no brainier.

When engagement drops and the number of posts rise, we as marketers for our businesses need relevant, interactive content that rises above the noise and running a Facebook competition is perfect for doing just that.

Running a giveaway is an inexpensive......and easy (once you know how) .....way to achieve measurable results for your Facebook marketing strategy.

A competition is just one part of an overall marketing strategy, but it’s one tactic that’s relatively easy to execute. And in the scheme of things, Facebook contests are very inexpensive to run. A well-planned Facebook contest can: -Increase engagement with existing followers

-Create amazing content for your socials

-Build on your brand identity -Increase brand exposure to potential followers -Bring in new leads

If you're curious to see if getting a Facebook comp out there can help you meet at least one of those goals? Then let’s move on, and take a look at some tried and tested tips to give your comp every chance of success.

One of the first things your going to want to do establish the purpose of your competition.

Like with any kind of marketing strategy, you need to begin with clear goals. Without goals there will be no focus, and if there isn't a clear focus...well to put it bluntly you wont have a successful competition.

A well thought out competition can do absolute wonders for your business and all it takes is a bit of clever thinking. If you are going to devote several days—or weeks!—to planning, promoting, administrating and customer-caring this contest, it should directly support the objectives of your Facebook marketing strategy.

Here are some examples of objectives and goals to choose from before you get started: -Increase brand awareness by increasing impressions -Increase customer loyalty by increasing engagement (i.e., likes, shares, comments, reactions) -Drive traffic to your website by increasing click-throughs to a landing page -Collect user-generated content for future marketing use

-Announce a new product or service -Gather audience feedback on products or services -Identify leads by collecting email addresses

Once you’ve narrowed down your specific goals, it’s a lot easier to figure out what kind of contest you’re going to run, and how you’re going to run it. And because Facebook contests are very measurable, you’ll be able to prove your return on investment after, too.

Next your going to need to think about your competition copy.

Now you may think that this is a no brainier but you really need to think about this one carefully.

Writing good copy makes people feel excited about your contest. The right choice of words strikes the right emotional chord. It can also Improve your giveaway’s conversion rate too. Do you want your campaign to attract more email sign-ups? How about more sales down the road?Good copy positively represents your business.

How you write your copy reflects your brand. Does your giveaway copy look sloppy because it contains lots of grammatical errors?

its also worth bearing in mind that the era of technology is upon us which means the average attention span of adult has significantly been reduced. Facebook users spend an average of 1.7 seconds with any piece of mobile content on the platform, compared to 2.5 seconds on desktop.

Those interactions become even briefer with younger audiences, and they are growing shorter all the time.

This means that when writing our captions and descriptions we need to be keeping them short, with as much easy to find information as possible. A good tip is to have all the important information in those first three lines so your viewers get that instant information hit they are looking for.

Be sure to steer away from block paragraphs and use emojis to break up text. Using headings like 'AMAZING COMPETITION' or 'ITS GIVEAWAY TIME' may seem a little simple but are actually the types of headings that will gain the most attention, as they are clear and precise.

Another top tip is to add a sense of urgency to your competition. Using this is a very effective way of convincing your followers to act fast. To create a feeling of urgency, you need to let people know that what you’re offering is valuable. If they don’t see its value, they won’t act right away or hang around until the end of your contest to see if they have won.That being said, make sure to pick a great prize and convey its benefits. Examples of urgency words and phrases include:

-Now -Enter now -Limited time -Deadline -Limited edition -Limited offer -Now or never

Adding urgency words and phrases will motivate your audience to act fast, so be sure to inject some of this type of wording into your competition copy.

With any sort of social media post you are going to want to make sure you have a standout visual. This is one sure way to make your competition stand out from the crowd. A Facebook post without creative is like a shop front without a window display. Nothing has the power to stop people in their tracks (or stop their thumbs from scrolling) like a good visual. Remember, every Facebook post competes with whatever else is in someone’s feed. And it only takes about 2.6 seconds for their eyes to choose what to settle on. So make sure your visual is eye-catching and attention-worthy. Whether you use static images, GIFs (our personal fave), or videos, here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing visuals for Facebook: Get the right specs

Check Facebook’s specifications to make sure you deliver high quality images. Low-res images reflect poorly on your business and no one likes to click on them.

Limit text

According to Facebook, images with more than 20% text have reduced delivery. Use Facebook’s Image Text Check before posting an image with text in it.

Skip stock images

If you can afford to commission a photographer or illustrator, do it. Stock images are easy to scroll past and may be too generic for your brand.If you are going to use a stock image look for free sites such as Unsplash and just make sure those images you do choose are completely on brand.

High contrast

Contrasting colors will help make your images pop, even in low light or black and white conditions. A color wheel can help you make the right choices in this area.

Think about mobile: 88% of Facebook users access the platform from a mobile device. Test your images on a mobile device before posting them to ensure your text is legible and the focus is clear. Consider trying vertical video for maximum effect on mobile.

The final tip we are going to leave you with is to consider your Terms & Conditions/Rules of Entry.

You are really going to want to nail this one to avoid getting yourself into a situation that you dont really want to be in. Here are a few things to consider putting in your comps T's & C's before you make it live.

-If you are giving away a product/service consider how it's going to be received by the winner, Who's going to pay postage?

-If you are going to deliver, how far are you willing to travel?

-If you are providing a service, what days/times can the prize be redeemed?

-Maybe the winner needs to come into store, are you going to book out a peak time slot for them or are you going to select certain days/times the prize can be redeemed?

-Can people enter only once?Can family/friends enter on their behalf?

-Is the winner able to upgrade to a better prize/package/service for an additional cost?

-Is there a time in which the prize needs to be redeemed?

We see so many competitions with no T's,C's or rules and it makes us worry about what you are letting yourselves in for. When running a competition you will probably get entries from every every Tom,Dick and Harry and believe me if there is a loop to be found someone will find it!

Having clear rules of entry will set bullet proof boundaries for you and give the winner a clear and precise outline of what to expect.

Above are only a few of our top tips on how to smash your Facebook competition. We recently did an amazing live video into our TWISN community around this very subject, if you would like to watch it you can find it here.Have you have recently ran a comp on your socials? Was it a huge success? or maybe there was a few things you would have liked to have changed? If so we'd love to hear about it in the comments section below.


Please note the terms/conditions & rules we are referring too above are those set by you to outline the prize, competition length, delivery/collection etc.When running a competition on Facebook you need to make sure you do so within Facebooks guidelines and you can find them here.