Positive Wedding Industry Networking - It's in our blood

Here at The Wedding Industry Supplier Network, we are starting to see a pattern that ripples like a huge wave throughout the Industry.

There's an announcement, a press conference and a collective groan throughout the Industry as more restrictions or changes happen and then we are seeing something amazing happen......

The industry comes together, we head to social media, we post, we tweet, we jump on live videos, we share our 'Wedding Wins' we tag venues, we hunt out guidelines, we reassure our fellow suppliers, we reassure our couples, we blog, we write to our MPs, we network..... we come together.

wedding magician providing laughs despite government restrictions

Credit: Owen Strickland, Birmingham UK

We don't make this about pessimism and panic - we do what we do best as wedding suppliers and we manage the calm and spread some positivity.

.......and each and every time we are hit with another curve ball or another set back it's happening at a faster and faster rate with more and more suppliers.

At TWISN, (The Wedding Industry Supplier Network) a massive part of our job is about being connected. Being connected to what's going on within the industry, being here for our community, but also being connected in the literal sense. Now...we absolutely love social media, in terms of marketing it's helped us build a business without needing to spend on ads, it's helped us share our tips and tricks with other wedding professionals so that they are able to see improvements in their own businesses too.

But we all know that social media can be a tough place to be, some of the time. Here at TWISN we have been dedicated to spreading positive industry networking since 2019, not only within our Facebook group of wonderful suppliers but it's in our very core values.

positive wedding industry news

Photo Credit: Matt Badenoch, Photographer. London UK

"I photographed this awesome couple's wedding in London a couple of weeks back. They got to enjoy the ceremony with his family and I prepared some next day highlights for her to share with her family in Hong Kong. We also spent the morning taking some photos around their favourite landmarks"

We believe it's a social responsibility to harness the very power of social media to use it for good deeds. Those who have have been in our community for a while now will know that we are all about spreading positivity and inclusivity throughout the Wedding Industry. We are here to support you no matter your business size and in every way that we can.

The Wedding Industry Supplier Network is YOUR amazing network of other wedding businesses to connect with, it's YOUR community, now more than ever we are more focused to upping our game to support YOU.

Here’s what we are doing at TWISN:

Opening up more opportunities for FREE PR within our network such as podcast episodes and supplier spotlights to shine a focus on your business.

Inside of our community we have hundreds of hours of FREE videos on subjects such as marketing, business mindset, managing money, we are making these easier for you to find and view in your own time.

Spreading your good news stories and celebrating your Wedding Wins across our global network. Tag us @twisnglobal in your Instagram stories and do continue sharing your positive stories on our Wedding Win post on a Friday EST 4pm.

wedding going ahead despite covid restrictions

Photo Credit: Lucy Williams, Bride and Wedding Supplier, Paper Swan Stationery, UK

"Even though we could only have 30 guests, the sun was shining and we had an amazing day!"

We know that the sheer amount of work you have on right now can at times be overwhelming and we want to help. Which is why we are putting together a FREE resource for you to access and share other wedding professional good news stories. This takes a little bit of pressure off you as a wedding business in terms of creating content. If you already have a blog as a wedding supplier you are able to submit your good news stories and positive wedding wins to our new resource for sharing locally, further increasing your visibility as a wedding business.

Our network of global local communities will continue to be there for you to find those suppliers you want to network with, make business connections and for you to find the people you want to vibe off.

and as always we'll be sharing the real side of what goes on behind the business, funny stories, literal mic drops, turning up to work in the same outfit..... and all

Keep your eyes on our global community. It's where you'll find all the ways to get involved.

We've got you.

Katie and Roxy

covid secure wedding

Photo Credit: Nikki Kulin, Celebrant Spain