6 top tips for reinventing yourself & embracing change

At this time of year naturally we all start to think about future plans and reflecting on our past year. I have never quite known a year like this one though. Here's our 6 top tips for embracing change whether that's within your business, your career or a move.


Most of us, at some point in our lives, are presented with the opportunity to reinvent ourselves.

If you change your job, move to a different town or even country, we all do it, you can change the way you dress, live, have a new haircut and something just as simple as that can often give us a little refresh on how you show up in life.

This is a particularly good time for those people who welcome change, because it gives them a reason and a purpose to change other things inside of their business at the same time.

1. Avoid giving in to what is expected, reasonable, sensible, or appropriate.

The point here is to enjoy yourself. For example:

If you’ve been ‘the smart dresser’ all of your life and you want to be the 'loungewear dresser' just do it.

If you’ve been 'humble and modest person' and you have secretly longed after some pretty big things for your life. It's okay to admit that to yourself.

People will notice that you live life according to your own rules, and you can enjoy every minute of it!

2. If you’re exploring new fields, in a new job, or even location, this is the time to make new friends and connections.

But you don't need to connect with everyone...... and that's the true power of networking.

Not even we, network with everybody, in our personal lives and in business.

Others will notice that you’re friendly but have a private side too. I have a lot of stories I could share with you about moving house, I've done it a number of times in my life. It always feels tough to completely up sticks and move to a new area, and make new friends all over again, learn new places and get completely lost trying to find something as simple as a pint of milk ....... however..... because I know that change can be inevitable I wholeheartedly relish the challenge and remind myself constantly to pause and reflect on where I'm heading.

In business we have plenty a funny story as to where we have gone and made some new friends and some lifelong business connections at the wedding fairs and events we have attended - in person and online too. The ones we would go to regularly we would have a little pause as to all of the amazing things that had happened in each of our lives leading up to the fair. It made for a nice morale boost and energised us for things to come.

3. Practice being a great listener. You’ll be amazed at what you can learn about people, places, and everything else if you just listen.

Throughout this year especially, we have all had to diversify in some way or another. And although we all have some idea of a plan or idea of our own business purpose.......... ' the why in your business' we have learned plenty a time in business and in life that some of the time listening is what is required.

When training companies I always look for the people who ask lots of questions. I was there to teach and part of teaching is listening and sounding out the people who are there because they want to be, and the ones who are there because they have to be.

In my experience those who ask a lot of questions are understanding what you are telling them, want to learn and want to make the change in their business.

Ask lots of questions. You’re new here and others will expect you to ask questions. Ask some good ones...and then listen to the answers.

A surprising perk of this technique is that others then tend to like you and then refer you.

5.. Stand up and speak out for things you have a passion for.

We always get asked about this and whether this is right within your marketing. Sometimes it's around a specific worldly event, sometimes it's political, sometimes it's a particular cause or passion.

And on the training session yesterday it was no different. Today in our challenge we can already see the cogs turning, and this question always follows day 3 of our business makeover challenge.

This only works though if you are truly willing to ask yourself some deep questions about what it is you actually stand for and what it is you want your business to be known for and incorporate that into your overall plan.

6. Say Thank You!

Being generous with this word makes people feel good about themselves.

A simple 'thank you for supporting my business' ' thank you for that tip' 'thank you for letting me know about that great restaurant' 'thank you for that review' acknowledges their kindness. People will appreciate you forever if you show them some gratitude for doing a good job.

It leaves a lasting impression..... and it costs nothing. Most of the time, our mind runs on autopilot because how we show up in life is directed by our subconscious mind.

When you turn that task over into your conscious mind and really put some thought into it, amazing things can happen.

People’s perception of you and your business can change in a heartbeat if you apply any one of these Top 6 Tips.

If you apply yourself to all 6, you will, indeed, feel like a different person - one that you consciously designed with purpose and a clear direction.

Try it - you'll like it and if you liked any of these tips or want to hear more from our business - you can sign up to our mailing list here