Take a hard pass on hustling in your wedding business

If you are anything like most business owners or even an employee, you probably believe working hard is the only way to achieve your goals. And whilst it is definitely true that working hard is necessary at times, hustling constantly is actually hurting your business.

We call it hustle pressure - the pressure you can put on yourself as a solo-preneur or one-person business band to work 'all of the hours' to somehow become more successful. I have definitely felt 'hustle pressure' a number of times in my business, sometimes it's a pressure I have unnecessarily placed on myself, other times I've fallen head first into traps from so-called motivational speakers, the shouty kind that tell you that watching TV isn't productive. The ones that make you feel guilty for wasting a few hours of your precious time or not working on yourself or your business constantly. You know the kinds.

The goal of a business shouldn't be to work all hours of the day and night just for the sake of it!

I am well aware that our society constantly pushes us to be busy all of the time. Working 100 plus hour weeks to me is not an accomplishment - it's a one way ticket to complete and utter burnout. A place I've been to and it's not fun at all. It's why I take a complete and utter pass on the hustle, hustle, hustle life thank you very much! I'm not willing to sacrifice my health for my business and you shouldn't either.

Too much pressure means bad decisions or worse..... Don't tell yourself 'But I love it' as you work another 20 hour day, I'm reading a great book at the moment and it tells the story of Martin Warrillow who said 'You won't love it if it kills you' after recovering from a business stress related stroke.

Now, avoiding hustle doesn't mean that business doesn't take work....... it most definitely takes hard work, determination and I'm sure you know... sometimes nerves of steel to run a successful business, but, you should avoid the trap of working hard for the sake of working hard - why would you spend hours on a job that could be done in a quarter of the time more effectively.

The Employee Analogy - Are you an employee or a CEO?

As an employee you are paid for the time you are in your seat doing a job, whether you waste that time or complete your tasks in half of the time, you still have to be there and you are paid for your time, not your results. As a business owner you are paid for the result. Your client doesn't care whether you have taken 30 minutes or 30 hours to complete the task as long as they love the results. If you can reduce the time it takes you to get the result you increase your profit.

The real trick is to train yourself to think like an entrepreneur rather than an employee. When you are constantly busy hustling in your business rather than putting your boss head on and working on your business, your business suffers. These things require you to stop and plan in order to move forward more quickly and importantly..... easier. You can't hustle your way through everything.

It's easy to say you are too busy to create an effective marketing plan but if you don't stop and work out exactly who your ideal client is, look at why your not booking as many clients as you want to, or where to market your marketing will fail. In order to spot issues and know whats working or not working in your business quickly you need a plan.

Of course you can run at 100 MPH and spend no time on any strategic thinking on your business but long term you'll burn yourself out and probably get quite below average results too. When you plan your time effectively you come to realise that not all tasks are created equal, you can see the things that can be delegated, outsourced or done another time. Equally you can see the things that bring you closer to your short and long term goals.

Your goal should be to create a business that doesn't completely take over your life and entire existence. Streamline things, delegate, automate things to make your life easier. Don't hustle for the sake of hustling. Hustle is a cop-out for those who resist building solid foundations into their business. It's easy to keep yourself busy all day but what do you have to show for it? Are you taking steps towards your goals or are you just keeping yourself busy?

Instead of striving to work hard, strive to work smart. Working smart means working efficiently and doing the tough work it takes to give yourself more time in the long term. You can have a great wedding business and a great life. You don't have to give up one to have the other. And I absolutely disagree with those that say you do!

It absolutely takes time to slow down and think about things strategically but you cannot simply run a successful business in go, go, go mode all of the time. Without some strategic thinking at best you'll get average results and deprive your business of leads, bookings and more

Instead, we teach our members how to think like a CEO in their business. It actually allows them to have more time in the long term. When you stop to plan your week intentionally you actually find yourself doing the things that matter - bringing you closer to your goals. Inside of our membership you'll find a ton of helpful business tools that will save you time as a business owner - all designed with your wedding business in mind. Claim your 7 day free look around here. We've got some changes coming and this is the last time we'll be offering all of this training for free so don't miss out!

What is it that you want to achieve in your business? What's the ultimate goal? What kind of lifestyle do you want to have? What kind of income do you want? How many hours a week do you want to be working? These questions are important and worth a serious think about. The actions you take today, tomorrow and next week will impact whether or not you'll get those results.

Are you behaving like an employee in your business? Need help thinking like the CEO in your business? Are you making things harder than they need to be?

Claim the income and lifestyle you want.