Get more website traffic without paying for Ads

You have been building your wedding business for a little while now, have a good social media presence, you are attending all the wedding fairs you can get your small business to but.....your website traffic just seems to be all sorts of a nightmare to figure out.

No matter what you do... you just can't seem to drive more traffic to your website and then turn that traffic into bookings.

The online space is just getting bigger and noisier by the day ...... how do you stand out ahead of all the noise without throwing a load of money at Google Ads to rank higher in those search engines.

BUT.....It's not impossible

Your job as a wedding business owners is to get the word out there about your brand. To drive targeted customers to your website you can do one of two things:

1) Pay for it ........ bleurgh, really?!

I'm not sure about you but I'm always up for trying to save money and absolutely HATE throwing my money away on things like this.

or ......

2) Come up with a kick ass SEO strategy to get traffic to your site for months and years to come.

I would definitely prefer the Free option!

So let's get to it..... learning exactly the how, why and when in attracting a shed load of visitors over to our site


The word content must come out of my mouth on a daily basis, whether it be content for social media, coming up with a story or teaching what type of content converts your followers into clients - it's something that is vastly important to be getting right EVERYWHERE.

The best way to attract targeted people to your website is to provide them with the right sort of content and give them what they are looking for!

If we want to get fancy with it, it's called cornerstone content.

Cornerstone content is a high-value piece of content that is intended to provide traffic. The real goal of cornerstone content is to leave a great first impression and enthuse visitors to find out more about you and your brand.

In terms of your website, cornerstone content is going to come in the form of a free piece of content, such as a blog post that is written around a topic that then could lead to revenue for your business.

It should be written around something of interest to your target market, be full of keywords, in order to help it be picked up by the top search engines, be lengthy enough to be helpful (at least 2500 words) and better than the content offered by your competitor.

Done well, cornerstone content only needs to be put out once a month and will result in organic website traffic to your wedding business.

For example the post you are reading right now is a piece of our cornerstone content.

Below we break down the best way for creating AWESOME wedding biz related marketing content:

Step 1 - Identify your topic

This should be fairly easy. The topics you should blog about should come fairly easily to you as a seasoned business owner, this is because it will be the subjects you get asked about all of the time when you have contact with your target client - either in person or indirectly via messenger or emails.

You likely already have an idea of the types of things your brides and grooms want to learn about inside of your niche.

You can grab a pen and paper and map this out, jotting down ideas for posts, thinking about the pain points that your client wants solving.

Step 2 - Plan it out

Now you may wish to just get into a flow and start tap, tap, tapping away until you come up with something.

However.... Google loves a bit of well structured content.

Having chapters enables your content to flow and also provides you with a template to produce your next blog ensuring you don't go off track too much when talking about a particular content.

Structuring in this way allows your blog to be easily read in short, sporadic chunks too which is how users like to digest long form content.


Google loves all those different headings you put into your blog. Make sure you use Google keywords for the heading titles and for the content inside for maximum effect.

Once you have your separate chapters or headings worked out it's time to .....

Step 3- Write your Blog

Now comes the time to get into your happy space, lock the children and the cat away.... curb distractions and sit and write your piece of content.

How do you do it...without spending days and day sucked into a blog writing void being interrupted by the piles of washing and the latest Netflix series?

Here's a quick way to get you started:

Start with those headings. You've likely got a few ideas already floating around as to what is going to go underneath these titles.

Bullet point them out for ease.

Then go through your piece and replace the bullet points with sentences that make coherent sense.

Once you have a first draft, its sometimes tempting to hit 'POST' straight away and ..... seasoned writers may be able to do this. However we would totally recommend to you blog post newbies to ....Step away from the laptop at least for 30 mins and then come back with fresh eyes.

You'll spot mistakes quicker, and you'll have had time to dance in the kitchen or grab a cuppa - whatever your jam is - ours would be to dance in the kitchen and slam in a few Jaffa Cakes!

Come back, correct any mistakes and add relevant pictures, gifs or screenshots.

Don't forget to add any links external or internal and reference further reading too. Include a way for your audience to share it easily too.

And that's it........

Your first piece of cornerstone content is ready to go. Didn't that feel great?

And here's a little extra...........

If you made it all the way down here, and have stuck with all the jargon .... well done! We wanted to reward you with some extra advice for being our hardcore readers.

Something we also bang on about quite a bit is ..... community.

When creating content you do need to consider not only new readers to your site but also those returning visitors, perhaps as well even more so..... as if they are checking you out for a second or third time they are likely to be closer to booking you for their wedding than ever before.

We call these people your audience.

Your audience are the people who open your emails, join you for those live videos, comment on your posts on social media and pop up wherever you are for a quick hello and check in. We don't need to teach you to suck eggs.... but looking after your audience is key!

These are the people you need to nurture on a consistent basis so you that you are able to create a loyal audience of engaged followers that will fuel your brand and propel it to bigger heights.

How do you do this?

Through Community Content.

Any business or brand that consistently curates and shares content becomes a member of a content community when it promotes engagement with content amongst it's customers.... or in layman terms

Community Content is content for example: podcasts, videos or even blogposts) that is released on the same day and time every week that engages or entertains your audience.

It is content that lives on your website and creates a consistent experience between you and your customer. For example a podcast that follows a typical format or a blog that is published on the same day of the week. It should be published consistently and is promoted internally to your existing audience and across your social platforms at regular intervals.

Consistency is key.

Because it is super tempting to give up writing that blog when no-one comments, or stop recording your podcast when you feel that nobody tunes in.

However instead of giving up it is the businesses who power through who will reap the rewards directly affecting the traffic that your website gets.

How do you create consistent content without going stir crazy and actually you know....having a life?

Have a Content Calendar

Probably not the most exiting word in the dictionary, especially to all you fly by the seat of your pants business owner types.

However even a simple content calendar allows you at a glance to know what's coming next in your content schedule and enables you to stick to some sort of plan.

Being wedding business owners too, it is possible to recycle old content as your couples go on a planning journey and then the next wave of interested couples come your way ....all with the same or similar pain points and questions.

Having a content calendar and a file somewhere in the depths of your phones or computers to save past posts and amazing bits of content too will provide you with SEO posts for years to come.

You don't have to plan anything out too far in advance to begin with. Try the next 4 weeks as a starting point. And if you have absolutely no ideas what to design your content and blogposts around just ...... ask your audience!

Social media is absolutely amazing at getting real time responses to our clients wants and needs and you'll be able to give them exactly what they have asked for, deepening those relationships with your brand in the process.

If you don't have an audience yet, or all you hear is crickets and tumbleweed when you put the question to them, go and have a look at what your competitors are doing.

Or search in relevant Facebook Groups and ask brides and grooms hanging out there.

Once you have some topics mapped out you can use this blog title generator to help you come up with some search engine friendly titles for those blogposts.

Then assign yourself a target date to have your content ready and bish, bosh you have yourself a working plan.

If you are still confused and lacking some inspiration. You can grab a free blog post planner as part of our wedding planner. It's available via The Wedding Industry Supplier Network online space here

It also has a handy blogging checklist so you know where to promote once you have got that blog piece all figured out, and ensures you don't forget anything either.

Remember don't overcomplicate it.

It get's easier with time and practice.

The more you create, the easier and better your content will become.

It's an amazing way to get your business out there, and to establish yourself as THE expert in your particular business niche.

Promote, Promote, Promote

It's all too easy to forget this step. To get all the way down to the final hurdle and think that it's good enough that you are talking to your audience and putting blogposts and community content out there and that it's more than most.

And it is......BUT

Google doesn't care yet. If you want to increase your online visibility and presence Google needs to be like

'Oh hey, your site is all sorts of relevant, let's give it more of our platform and a shed load more free traffic'

Yes I said Free!

If you want to create more online visibility you need to get in front of more audiences that care about what you have to say and what you have to sell.

And one of the easiest ways to do that is to collaborate with other websites who share the same audience as you and serve their audience through dynamic, value-packed interviews and high-impact guest posts.

I'm sure collaborate is another one of our buzz words.

Getting your content and website on other peoples websites creates backlinks and essentially tell google that other people are willing to 'vouch' for your website.

And this matters.... the more backlinks the more authority Google will give you and your site.

Try pitching to a few members of your local The Wedding Industry Supplier Network Group for a blog share or onto the main TWISN Facebook group and collaborate with like-minded wedding suppliers in order to both get better traffic to your sites and enable you to utilise new audiences.

If you have no ideas what to say, or find it hard approaching new people, here's a little blurb you can copy and paste to help:

Hi {Name},

I’m {Your Name} and I’ve been a reader of yours for awhile now and really appreciate the content you put out there for your audience to read.

Your post {title of a post of theirs you enjoyed} really resonated with me, especially {a section of their post that resonated with you}!

It was a really great read and I'm sure your audience thought the same.

I wondered whether you accept guest posts as I would love the chance to write a blogpost, if you’re looking for contributors?

If so, I was thinking I could write something for your audience on:

Topic 1

Topic 2

Topic 3

Do you think either of those would be a good fit for {site name or audience name}?

If so, I’d be happy to create something and get it over to you within the next few days.

Really looking forward to hearing from you.

Kind regards

{Your name}

You of course do not need to pitch 3 topics, but it increases the chances of getting a yes, considerably!

And that's it........ your guide to ranking higher on those search engines without throwing a load of money at google ads.

Yes it requires some hard work and a level of dedication from you.... but being small business owners surely hard work and dedication is just something that we have all learnt to just get on with.

We hope that our first blogpost has inspired you to go and create some cornerstone and community based content. Do you blog already?

Leave us a comment if you do, we would love to go and read some of your stuff!

Thanks for reading

Katie & Roxy

Katie Lyth and Roxy Bond are the co-founders of The Wedding Industry Supplier Network, a community of wedding business and creative professionals collaborating and networking through online forums and in person events. The Wedding Industry Supplier Network aims to bring affordable and relevant networking and business education to the wedding industry sector around the world. For more information check out

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