How to create a mood board that wows your wedding clients

If you have never heard of Canva then it is time to get a formal introduction. Prepare to be wow'd and prepare to wow your future clients. Canva is a tool that has firmly earned it's place in our business toolkit, it's something that we use weekly inside of our businesses and wouldn't be without it.

Canva will simply change the way you create social media posts, do any kind of design work and will even change the way you present to your clients. The tools that you can access on this design website and app can transform the sleekness of your business branding, brochures, marketing materials, posts, website graphics and proposals....and best of all it's free to use!

Your marketing materials, posts and any literature you create for your business leaves a lasting impression. Using Canva can up-level your design skills and give you access to thousands of templates, elements, branding toolkits and fab stock imagery without the need to hire an expensive designer or freelancer.

You know being in the wedding Industry you face stiff competition. In this blog we'll talk through how to create stunning mood boards using Canva that will wow your clients!

Although for the purpose of this blog post we'll be focusing on mood boards you can similarly take this knowledge and use it to create a series of social media posts, infographics for Pinterest or social story posts and for brochures and client proposals too.

Before we go any further, it's worth mentioning that although you can use Canva for free and there's some fab features, there is a paid for version too. The paid for version costs us around £9 a month and includes thousands upon thousands of fabulous stock imagery perfect for the wedding industry, access to amazing templates, expert support from the Canva team, drag and drop brand palettes, more storage, thousands of font choices and brand elements too, plus a ton more...

You can get try out Canva Pro free for 30 days here to take a look for yourself and see how it can up-level your business too. Even if you just take a look around for the 30 days, create some awesome content and then decide it's not for you - you have nothing to lose!

The wedding industry has stiff competition - stand out from the crowd and create something that makes your clients feel like you are their only choice.

Mood boards are a big part of a wedding and can be a great way for clients to visualise their wedding and how your service or product can easily be a part of their day.

You can create something to be a collaborative so you are able to show clients the ideas you have for their wedding based on the information they have already given you and they are a simple but great way for you to stand out from the crowd. Many of you may not have ever created a mood board before...and that's totally fine. Have fun and experiment... they are simpler than you think to produce and you don't need any previous experience of Canva to produce one.

We create so much of our content for ourselves and the clients we work with using this fab design tool.

Here's our step by step guide on how you can create mood boards to wow your wedding clients...

Collect some Inspiration

Whether you hit Google, Pinterest or your favourite wedding blogs the first step to creating a mood board is to become inspired. I personally use Pinterest when collecting inspiration for anything - even when I'm redecorating!

You'll want to start by collecting different elements of the wedding and pinning things of interest to your couple such as, cakes, decor, stationery etc.

I create a board and start pinning things that match the brief. You can either create a secret board on Pinterest or set it to public. If you set up a secret board only you and those who you invite can see or collaborate on the board. When set to public your content can be viewed by everyone on Pinterest.

Here's a screenshot of a board I made earlier for the purpose of this blog.

To be original don't just pin straight from Pinterest, using Instagram and wedding blogs will make your boards stand out. Infuse pictures of your products or services too.

Refine your board

Next go through your images and pick the best ones. It's really easy to get pin-happy and pin everything that goes with your clients colour scheme or theme. However this will distract from your service and your product or offering will easily get lost in the ideas you are presenting. The plan is to show your clients in a clear way that you are their perfect, number one choice - not confuse them into knowing whether they want to book you or not because you've presented too many ideas and choices.

Focus on your favourite images and what you love about them.

Pin things together that are similar in style or that compliment each other and pin different elements of a wedding so your client can visualise your products as part of their whole day.

Creating your Mood Board

Now it's time to open up Canva and start creating your mood board. You can choose from one of the templates available to you or create your own. To start from scratch just choose a blank template and then drag and drop photo grids available from the menu to create the layout that you like. You don't need to be a computer whizz or have any design qualifications to create your own design fit for any client.

Keep things simple and use one of the templates Canva offers, no one will know!

Add your own pictures and ideas

Now you are ready to add your own pictures and ideas. Go back to your Pinterest account and other inspiration and save the images you want to use directly to your computer or phone. You can directly upload these into your design via the side board menu. Then drag and drop your images into your mood board, move them around as much as you like and have a play with what works until you have a combination that you are happy with. You may decide if you are a wedding planner for example, to add a colour palette on to your design.

To do this use the elements section in Canva to create circles of the same size. You'll be able to show a swatch of each colour in the circles or for Canva pro users you may want to use brush strokes and create textures.

Canva has a great tool in which it will pick out the colours already used in your images. This can be useful as you won't need to spend ages with a colour dropper or hunting out those hex codes. When you click on the coloured square in your template it will show up all of the other shades used in your design and recommend complimentary colours too! It's easy to then create a colour palette that's complimentary of your design, or if your client has already sent you some wedding inspiration you can use those exact shades too.

Don't forget to personalise your board too. If it's for a client you may wish to include their wedding date, something that they told you was special to them as a couple, your business logo or website.

Once you've completed your design, it's time to share it. You'll be able to publish to pinterest too if you want to.

Here's my finished mood board. Now you're ready to create your own!

Credits: MFieldsPhotography, LingsMoments, LeahTheodosis,

So there you go, it's actually really simple and a great way to produce some content for your business but also to impress future clients and stand out in their minds.

You can also use the skills above and features to create a whole range of designs to blow your client away.

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