Bringing in more wedding leads in 2022

Trying to grab the attention of your couples is becoming more increasingly difficult. How do you cut through the online noise and show your prospects that you truly understand them and their vision for their wedding?

Imagine all of the content the average couple getting married is consuming from other businesses, how many websites, emails, facebook ads, instagram posts and stories they are seeing every single day. And you're not just competing with other businesses and other online noise - you're competing for their attention too - and their attention span is getting shorter and shorter!

So what's the best way to grab your ideal client's attention and stop them scrolling long enough for them to click through to your website or join your email list?

The answer using copy. You need to use clear and precise copy to communicate the answers that are most important to them. Copy that makes them feel like they are communicating with a friend and that you just totally understand them as a couple.

The best way to grab your wedding lead’s attention is by making sure that you’re being clear about what matters most: how their dream wedding experience will come to life if they work with you. Anytime you communicate with your couples, whether it’s on your website, socials, or emails, you have to keep their attention. So make sure they can clearly see:

  • How you are the best fit for them

  • What you bring to the table that your competitors don't

  • What it is you are asking for them to do next (CTA)

You want to clarify exactly how you can help them, what you will do for them as a couple and what they should do next. And repeat it often.

But how do you write copy that converts? Great question! Finding your brand voice is going to be important here and if you haven't got a clue about that I'd recommend discovering it pretty pronto. This freebie will help. Once you've settled on a brand voice you are going to want to perfect writing clear, engaging copy that attracts new wedding leads to your business.

Do this by:

Getting to the point- People do not want to search to find what you do. It should be obvious straight away and all over your website. You need to grab your couples attention in the first 6-8 seconds so include information about who you are and what you do front and centre of your home page and any landing pages your couples may stumble upon. Your couple should immediately know exactly what they can get from you, why that's important and why they should keep reading.

Keep your couple in mind - Write from their point of view. More than anything your couples want to know they are in safe hands and what's in it for them by booking with you. When you are communicating with future leads and prospects ask yourself 'what can i offer my couple' and 'what do they need to know so that they can book with me'

Create social proof - As you describe your ideal clients wedding think about your experience and credentials and communicate effectively as to how that experience will impact their wedding day. If you have been in the industry for a long time and you've seen it all - think about how this can be of use to your couples. Perhaps you've got a whole host of contacts you can give your couples access to speeding up their supplier search process. Perhaps you can anticipate their needs because you know the ingredients of what makes a good wedding and will be able to know what they need and when to book before they probably even do! Instead of writing in the first person and from your point of view, shift the focus on the reader using lots of 'You' words. Eg: "You can rest easy and focus on the magic of the day knowing that I'll be in the background to take care of everything from before you even arrive until the last guest leaves the dance floor"

Now that you are clearly communicating it's time to go the extra mile and ask yourself: 'could my competitors be saying the exact same thing?'

If the answer is yes, then you need to get even more clear on the kinds of couple you want....and don't want to work with. What specific benefits do you bring to your wedding couples?

Make sure that you are super clear in your communication with your couples, including your website copy, social media posts, and emails. Say it early, and say it often, and make sure that you are saying it in a way that will allow them to see what the benefit is for them and how your strengths will benefit their wedding day.

If you make sure you are incorporating these tools in your communication with new leads, you’re going to attract more of your ideal couples and less of the price shoppers.