8 things you can do to get couples to say YES to booking you!

With restrictions starting to lift across the world and with the tide starting to turn on confidence within the industry you are likely polishing up your marketing for the remainder of 2021.

In this blog post you'll learn how to get yourself in front of couples quickly, leverage your talents to create a buzz around your business and update your marketing with fresh content.

Have a tidy up

It's always a good idea to periodically take a little look at your marketing efforts and see what's working and what can be improved upon. When evaluating how you market your brand, consider these questions:

Do you have a cohesive style across all of your marketing channels?

Is your social media validating you? In other words, are you the same person everywhere? Couples want to see that all of your channels confirm the first impression they see of you.

Is your website updated? Make sure to have current information wherever couples can see it.

Are you showing work to attract the right clients? This will help you qualify your clients early on.

Perfect your client communication—the way you speak to your clients makes all the difference. We recommend using a client management system to create a drip email campaign. This creates a way to communicate with your couples consistently while staying top of mind. It’ll also reassure them that you’re thinking about them! However you don't need to have anything too fancy, even some go to email templates like the ones you can find here means that your communication will always be on brand. Here’s some questions to help you think through your communication:

How often are you reaching out to your potential leads?

How clear is your communication?

Are you marketing any added extras? For example, as a florist, can you pitch the idea of a flower wall in addition to the bouquets they requested?

Should you have a drip campaign or consider a customer management system to make your communication easier?

Network, network, network

Everyone is craving connections right now which makes it the perfect time to reach out to other wedding professionals. Our networks across the world make this easy for you to access all sorts of wedding business owners in your local area or even nationally too. Reach out and say hi! Meet them at one of our meetings, grab a coffee, collab on a styled shoot or a social media project. If you are wanting to create some long term relationships to influential businesses in your field consider sending a little treat through the post or a handwritten note. It will definitely help you stand out from the crowd! If you aren't apart of your local TWISN network, you can search on facebook for your local group or drop us a message via our main global group and we'll point you in the right direction!

Consider going old school

Who doesn't love receiving something through the post? Send a thank you note or anniversary card to past couples reminding them of your business and your referral scheme should they recommend your services. This can be a fab way of getting word of mouth referrals. When we had our bridal shop we gave past brides the chance to earn up to £200 cash by referring other engaged ladies our way. Word of mouth referrals are still a really important factor in getting couples to trust your business.

Show up!

When marketing to new couples you are going to want to be in the same places that they are showing up. Whether that's social media, wedding fayres, directories, online listings etc.. Writing blog posts is also a great way to get your name out there and have couples find your content on Google too. We would recommend writing some keyword heavy and informational articles. A great tip is to think of the frequently asked questions your couples always seem to ask you, these make great blog posts as it's likely a lot of people will also be wondering and Googling the answers. And don’t forget videos! Creating video content related to weddings is another fun way to promote your business without directly selling.

Respond to your reviews on social media and in the other places you get them and respond to your comments on social media channels too. It creates nice, fuzzy relationships and helps your couples get to know you - which they need to do if they are going to book you. Showing new clients that you take the time to respond to your comments shows you care about your audience and are approachable too.

Evolve and try something new

Marketing is always changing and unfortunately those that don't evolve and get with the times can sadly be easily forgotten. Don't be afraid to try something new in your marketing whether that's TikTok or Instagram Reels. Getting on board with new content keeps your business fresh and can attract new followers too. Instagram’s algorithm intentionally pushes Reels toward users, so try your hand at creating one to see higher reach on your content. share tips, humour, your work or your take on a popular video.

Haven't tried Pinterest before? Now could be the time to. Check out the link at the end of the article to get your hands on some free Pinterest training for wedding pros.

Help Other People

All you need to do here is to use your talents that you already have. This can be whatever comes to you naturally, whether it’s the work you do for weddings, writing blogs or designing branding materials. Extending help to others inside the industry develops your connection and widens your network quickly and authentically.

Keep Learning

There are tons of new business skills and ideas you can develop through education. YouTube videos, webinars,books and our hub of wedding business goodness are great ways to develop your business toolkit and grow your professional portfolio. Put those new skills to work in your marketing strategy and don't just do the course or buy the book and then not do anything with all of that knowledge.

Be There for couples, your industry colleagues and yourself

Relationships are at the core of our industry, so make yourself indispensable to your couples and fellow wedding pros. You'll be remembered for all of the right reasons and people will be happy to refer business your way. Don’t forget to be there for yourself, whether it’s through downtime, exercise or a little bit of time off.

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